about bst
Some like it hot - we donīt!

We are experts in all matters of preventive fire protection and of sealing techniques for cables, pipes and installation mains against the elements gas and water (static and dynamic pressure). In more than 25 years of experience we gathered through the development of our products a know-how from which our clients benefit and which made us one of the leading manufacturers of Fire Stop Systems.

Basis of our ISO 9001 certified quality management is the client-oriented company philosophy:

Products of highest quality at sensible prices!
Competent advice!
Fair and possibly fast pricing!
Short delivery times with high-quality delivery service!
Fairness to suppliers!
Transparency of business for our own staff!
Considerate handling of resources!
Our products are internationally recognized wherever building of any kind is carried out. Industries, over- and underground constructions, containers and apparatuses, mobile phone networks, in tunnels, offshore platforms and shipbuilding or even in your family home. bst defeats the elements and is looking forward to your contact so that we may count you among our satisfied customers very soon.

Yours truly,
The bst-Team

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