Reg. 3 - Graded Plug Seal Type RR-150/160
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Type RR-150/160 is a plug seal made from highly flame resistant, halogen-free elastomeric material (bst-HFE) with fittings of galvanized or high-grade steel.

Compatible with all Hauff HSI-150 and UGA KD 150 single and double wall inserts! Installation depth 60mm, can be assembled with all bst module types: TCM ›, IM › and FB › . Available space: 90 x 90 mm. Fittings are adjustable!

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Blind Filling
Max. cable layer
Module depth
RR 150/160
9 Stk. FB 30/0
16 Kabel 4-16 or
8 Stk. M8x90
9 Kabel 12-24 or
4 Kabel 22-34 or
1 Kabel bis 80

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