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bst defeats the elements and protects life and objects of value where- and whenever installation ducts pass through walls, floors or bulkheads. By choosing the most suitable sealing system the elements definitly do not have a chance: fire, gas and water.
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Multi Cable Transit

the classic bst-Frame! Cable sealing-fire resistant, gastight, watertight!

A modular system for the sealing of cables, pipes and bus-bars passing through wall and floor penetrations in buildings, ships and steel constructions. Modules made from halogen-free elastomeric rubber seal each cable or pipe separately against fire, smoke, gas and static as well as dynamic pressure. details ›

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Plug Seal »RR« and »RR-Vario«

Cable and pipe penetration - fire-resistant, gas- and watertight!

A modular plug sealing system for cables and pipes up to max. 114mm O.D. - fire-resistant, gas- and watertight. To be used in core holes, sleeved pipes, casing plates or also in combination with bst-Link Seal or bst-GPD as a watertight building penetration. details ›

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Quick Plug »UNISEAL«

Waterstop plus firestop

The Quick Plug “UNISEAL ” is the perfect and simple solution for the single sealing of cables, plastic or steel pipes against transmission of fire, gas-, air- and water-pressure when passing through round openings in concrete or brickwork walls, ceilings or steel structures. details ›

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Fire Stop Collars and Fire Stop Wraps

For the sealing of combustible pipes

Fire-resistant sealing of synthetic pipes of waste water lines, pneumatic systems, ventilation pipes, within chemical and laboratory areas in fire-compartment walls and floors up to fire resistance class EI120. details ›

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Cable Transit »EMV«

The conductive connection between cable shield and building screen

The Cable Transit "EMV" combines the advantages of a modular sealing system (fire-resistant, gas- and watertight, resistant against blast pressure) with the shielding effect by connecting the cable shield and the building screen. details ›

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Fire Stop Pillows and Fire Stop Sponges »SPG«

The simplest way to seal cables!

Fire Stop Pillows and Sponges for an easy installation of fire seals. Pillows - consisting of resistant glass fibre filled with intumescent grain - or sponges - made from a foam rubber-like, intumescent material - are put tightly into the remaining space of the installation penetration: the sealing is installed! details ›

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Cable Penetration, Modular System, Type STRF

For cable penetrations up to safety class IP-65!

The sealing system bst type STRF has been developed for the sealing of cables, pipes and other mains leading into switch cabinets, appliances and casings. The modular design of the system enables a flexible adaption to every need. details ›

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