3 - Plug Seal »RR« and »RR-Vario«
Bild Register 3
3. Cable and pipe penetration - fire-resistant, gas- and watertight!

Modular plug seal system for a fire-restant, gas- and watertight sealing of cables and pipes up to O.D. 114mm in core holes, sleeved pipes or casing flanges.

You have the opportunity to download our frame filling program „TCM Planner 2009“ from here! It has been developed especially for bst and helps to plan and select the suitable modules for each frame size.
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application examples

system components

Bild Plug Seal »RR«
Plug Seal »RR«

The RR Plug Seal consists of an elastic, halogen-free, highly fire-resistant elastomeric rubber (HFE). Details ›

Bild Plug Seal RR-Vario
Plug Seal RR-Vario

Each RR-Vario is manufactured as a prototype by waterjet cutting and can be adapted exactly to each sealing situation. Details ›

Bild Plug Seal RR/EMV
Plug Seal RR/EMV

Contact strips and plates made from electrolytic copper form a conductive connection between cable shield and building screen, bulkhead or deck. Details ›

Bild Out- to indoor sealing set, watertight
Out- to indoor sealing set, watertight

PVC sand-coated corrugated pipe and bst Plug Seal Type „RR“ with insert modules and filler blocks. Details ›

Bild Graded Plug Seal Type RR-150/160
Graded Plug Seal Type RR-150/160

The Plug Seal compatible with single and double wall inserts! Details ›

Bild Plug Seal RRS
Plug Seal RRS

RRS plugs have been developed for the sealing of individual cables
or pipes against fire-, gas- and water pressure. Details ›

Bild Adapter-Set for  RR and RR-Vario
Adapter-Set for RR and RR-Vario

bst Adapter Sets enable the adjustment of outer diameters of bst Plug Seals RR and RR-Vario in a tolerance range of 2mm. Details ›


Bild Quick-Fix Tolerance Cable Module
Quick-Fix Tolerance Cable Module

Quick Basic, Quick Adapter and Quick Core are the three system parts by which cable diameters within a tolerance range of 12mm and more can be sealed. Details ›

Bild Multi insert modules, multi filler blocks and insert modules
Multi insert modules, multi filler blocks and insert modules

Insert Modules and Filler Blocks are made from a halogen-free, elastic, highly fire-resistant elastomeric rubber (HFE). Details ›


Bild Casing Plate RRFL(O)
Casing Plate RRFL(O)

Casing plates RRFL(O), made from a solid light-metal alloy, resistant against corrosion, with a Hannoflex-sealing: Details ›

Bild Sleeved Pipe
Sleeved Pipe

Pipes made from hot-galvanized steel acc. to DIN 2448 and 2458 or corrugated pipe made from PVC, sand covered, standard installation length 300mm. Details ›


Bild PVC- Corrugated Pipes
PVC- Corrugated Pipes

Sleeved pipes made from PVC with corrugated surface, sand-covered, for a tight connection with concrete. Details ›

Bild Accessories

Accessories for an easy assembly. Details ›

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