5 - Cable Transit »EMV«
Bild Register 5
5. The conductive connection between cable shield building screen

The EMV Cable Transit combines the advantages of a modular sealing system (fire-resistant, gastight, watertight, resistant against shock) with the shielding effect by connecting the cable shield and the building screen. Clean and proven safety, flexible for later installations!

You have the opportunity to download our frame filling program „TCM Planner 2009“ from here! It has been developed especially for bst and helps to plan and select the suitable modules for each frame size.
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application examples

system components

Bild Frame Type »SB«
Frame Type »SB«

Standard frames „SB“ or „SBO“ (with removable top and bolts) in four different basic sizes. Details ›

Bild Frame Type  »SS« and »SSO«
Frame Type »SS« and »SSO«

SS-frames for steel constructions, preferrably in ships and offshore platforms. Standard design made from flat steel 60x8mm, primer painted. Details ›

Bild Frame Type  »SBS« and »SBSO«
Frame Type »SBS« and »SBSO«

Suitable for cable transits, gas- and water-tight as well as fire-resistant. Application inside a building, in walls and floors which form fire compartments. Details ›

Bild Plug Seal RR/EMV
Plug Seal RR/EMV

Plug Seal for bore holes, sleeved pipes or casing flanges. Contact strips form a connection between cable shield and building screen, bulkhead or deck. Details ›


Bild Quick-Fix Tolerance Cable Module
Quick-Fix Tolerance Cable Module

Quick Basic, Quick Adapter and Quick Core are the three system parts by which cable diameters within a tolerance range of 12mm and more can be sealed. Details ›

Bild EMV-Half modules, Filler blocks and Supermodules
EMV-Half modules, Filler blocks and Supermodules

EMV-Modules are made from an elastic, highly fire-resistant, halogen-free elastomeric material (HFE). Details ›


Bild Wedge Compression
Wedge Compression

The assembly hit for the compression of insert modules and filler blocks. Details ›

Bild Anchor Plates
Anchor Plates

Facilitates the assembly of insert modules and filler blocks, secures them within the frame and increases tightness against static and dynamic pressure. Details ›


Bild Accessories

Accessories for an easy assembly. Details ›

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