9 - Fire Stop Boards and Coatings
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9. For mineral wool transits in installation penetrations

Fire Stop System „A & K“. For fire-resistant sealings as mineral wool transits bst supplies raw or pre-coated (on one side or both sides) mineral fibre boards RP-15, volumetric weight 150 kg/m³, for installation penetrations. Fire resistance class from EI30 to EI120 (= S30 to S120, depending on board thickness).
bst Fire Stop Coating „Type A“ is also suitable for fire protection of steel constructions and cable coatings (short circuit retardation), fire resistance class F30.

application examples

system components

Bild Fire Stop Coatings »A«
Fire Stop Coatings »A«

Coating compound used as basic layer for mineral wool transits in installation penetrations. Details ›

Bild Fire Stop Mastic »K«
Fire Stop Mastic »K«

Mastic is used as covering layer for mineral wool transits in installation penetrations
Details ›


Bild Fire Stop Boards »RP-15«
Fire Stop Boards »RP-15«

Mineral fibre board pre-coated with Fire Stop Coating „Type A“ (either on one or both sides), volumetric weight 150kgs/m³, standard size 1000x625mm. Details ›

Bild Fire Stop Set »S90«
Fire Stop Set »S90«

The single sealing of cables for the electrician, self-made fire protection! Details ›


Bild »Mixed Penetration Seal AK-2.50«
»Mixed Penetration Seal AK-2.50«

A mineral wool transit system with two boards for the fire-resistant sealing of HVACR mains in wall and floor penetrations up to fire resistance class EI-120. Details ›

Bild »Mixed Penetration Seal AK-1.60« and »AK-1.80«
»Mixed Penetr. Seal AK-1.60« and »AK-1.80«

Mineral wool transit systems with one board for fire-resistant sealing of HVACR in wall and floor penetrations with fire resistance class EI-60 or EI-90 (S60/S90). Details ›


Bild bst Fire Stop Foam 2K NE
bst Fire Stop Foam 2K NE

Most suitable for fast and simple installation of fire-resistant sealings of cable installations in wall and floor penetrations, especially for small to medium apertures up to EI120. Details ›

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